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During the year 1928, the Luxemburgish anthropologist Dr.Jean Pierre Duchally ran through the Scottish Highlands, obsessed with the idea of supplying evidence for something unbelievable, undiscovered and incomprehensible.
Dr. Duchally’s main explorations were in the area surrounding the tiny village of Blâr. Having searched there more than seven years for something marvelous, yet improbable, Duchally obsessed like a lunatic, seeking proof to support the existence of “The man from BLÂR.”
This Man from BLÂR, an anthropomorphic creature, was photographed and sketched several times by Dr. Duchally. He defined the Man from Blar as a species living during the Stone Age who linked Neanderthal man to the homo sapiens sapiens: Homo Blarensis sapiens.
A few of Duchally’s contemporaries, who worked with him several times during the1920’s, affirmed and approved the validity of Duchally’s pretentious statements. They confirmed his seriously researched works concerning “The man from Blar / Homo Blarensis sapiens.” However, it was not proof enough for his other esteemed colleagues.
During his lifetime, neither Jean Pierre Duchally nor his lifework were accepted or honored by the scientific community in Luxembourg or its neighbors.
Having fallen into disrepute and derided by his fellow men, Duchally died aged 92 years on the 28th of January 1979 while amongst his family on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
Dr. Jean Pierre Duchally hands something to his descendants and defamers, the lifework of a controversial anthropologist, a falling star in the world of anthropological science, unfortunately disregarded to this day.
The man from Blar 
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